Green Economics

Helping Small Business and Tax Reform


Pete currently holds the Treasury & Finance portfolios. He has worked for years highlighting why debt is not a dirty word, and why we need more infrastructure spending to secure a better future for workers and our communities. He has provided a model for a government-owned infrastructure bank to finance a Green New Deal.

He has worked for years with Christine Milne and Adam Bandt promoting tax reform and passing legislation cracking down on multinational tax avoidance. He has been a fierce advocate against austerity, dangerous deregulation and zombie budget cuts to the most vulnerable Australians.

Pete has also worked over many years with the Nationals and others to bring in revolutionary new competition laws that better protect small businesses from big businesses as well as promoting tax cuts for small business.


Helped establish a Senate inquiry into multinational tax avoidance.
Led the fight in the Senate to pass the Multinational Anti-Avoidance Laws (MAAL) and improved scrutiny of the tax affairs of big businesses and wealthy Australians.
Successfully campaigned to get a new  ‘effects test’ competition law passed through parliament.

Small business tax cuts legislated in 2014.


Fairer small business contract terms legislated.