Green New Deal

Ecological sustainability requires economic viability. Let’s take communities with us to a green new future.

An Environmental, Social, Economic Crisis.

Australia is facing an environmental, social and economic crisis. We are in a climate emergency. Yet our government continues to expand rather than phase out fossil fuels. To make matters worse, too many of us are not getting a fair go. Underemployment, job insecurity and low pay are rife. And we’re all paying through the nose for housing because the government has rigged the market.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We need a Green New Deal to tackle social and economic inequality, while taking the action scientists say is necessary to beat the climate crisis.

What is it?

A Green New Deal is a government-led plan of investment and action to build a clean economy and a caring society. Under a Green New Deal, government takes the lead in creating new jobs and industries, and delivering universal services to ensure nobody is left behind. A Green New Deal is a massive opportunity to solve the climate crisis and to ensure everyone has a good life.  

It feels big, and it is. But it’s possible. We have everything we need to make the transition and create a fairer, cleaner future. But we need people like you with us. This isn’t just a Green New Deal for Australia. It’s yours too. Over the next few months, we’re running sessions all over the country to hear what you think needs to be included in a Green New Deal. 

So what do you say, are you ready to add your voice to a Green New Deal?