Salmon Farming & Fisheries

Overfishing, salmon farming, and poor regulation are all having adverse effects on the health of our oceans. 

Pushing for Fisheries Reform

Pete has pushed for fisheries reform by advocating precautionary principles and an emphasis on ecosystems science and research. He continues to fight for a proper set of marine parks based on science that actually protects our oceans for future generations.

Pursuing the Tasmanian Salmon Industry

Pete has scrutinised Tasmania’s salmon industry and its appalling track record in damaging Tasmania’s marine environment and coastal communities.



Led the federal parliamentary campaign to successfully ban industrial super trawlers from plundering Australia’s oceans and ecosystems.


Initiated scrutiny of the salmon industry via a Senate inquiry which made a series of recommendations adopted by the Tasmanian Government.



Reform of Australian fisheries management to include more ecosystem-based science and a precautionary approach to fisheries management.


A moratorium on all new salmon farm expansions in Tasmania.