Little Penguins living along the coast of Southern Australia, and especially around Tasmania, are under increasing threats to their habitat, both on land and in the ocean. 

The Threat

Urban development, fisheries, and attacks from dogs have led to the deaths of thousands of Little Penguins. These threats have increased in frequency, and there has been little action from governments.

Pete has long pushed for a Penguin Protection Taskforce in Tasmania, and urged the government to commit to funding for important research and assessment. Even one uncontrolled dog can wipe out an entire colony of Little Penguins. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to this, but by drawing on local experience and expert knowledge, we can improve the situation.


Pete has held forums in Tasmania’s coastal towns, bringing together penguin experts and volunteers with the broader community. At his local penguin colony, this culminated in the formation of the Friends of Little Penguins group at Low Head in Northern Tasmania.

Through garnering community support for action from local, state and federal governments, Pete has put this critical issue on the national agenda. Pete also attended a federal Senate inquiry into Australia’s threatened species to raise the challenges that Tasmania’s Little Penguins currently face.



Due to pressure from Pete and the Tasmanian community the Tasmanian Government has announced the establishment of a state-wide Penguin Advisory Group, and has committed limited funding to the research and monitoring of penguin rookeries.


The Tasmanian Government has introduced much heftier fines for dog owners whose pets have roamed near or killed penguins.


A significant increase in funding for the ongoing monitoring and reporting of the health of penguin rookeries around Tasmania.

Government support of communities in their efforts to improve local awareness of penguins and their habitats.