takayna/ Tarkine

The takayna/Tarkine region of north western Tasmania is home to one of the last undisturbed tracts of Gondwanan rainforest in the world and a place where Tasmanian Aboriginal people have a continuing relationship with the land. The coastline is a cultural heritage landscape, with an abundance of high density living sites including midden deposits, hut depressions, petroglyphs, and known burial sites – all evidence of the continuous occupation of the land by Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

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A Sacred Place

takayna is a place of incredible importance to Tasmanian Aboriginal people and indeed all people who visit it, and yet it’s largely unprotected. It is currently under attack from state-sanctioned destructive vandalism from off-road vehicles and extractive industries, including logging and mining.

Great Beauty Needs Great Protection

takayna is an area of great beauty and immense cultural and natural significance and should be protected in a national park and recognised for its World Heritage values.

Standing with the Aboriginal Community Against Destruction

Pete has always stood by and continues to stand by the Aboriginal community and supported forest protestors in strong opposition to the destruction of takayna. In particular, he has actively campaigned against the Tasmanian Government’s insensitivities to the vandalism of Aboriginal cultural heritage in the takyana.

There has been ongoing damage to these sensitive areas by illegal and reckless drivers of off-road vehicles and the Tasmanian government refuses to better protect these globally significant areas.



Pete has worked with the Aboriginal community to document the illegal vandalism by off-road vehicles. This evidence contributed to a successful court case against the Tasmanian Government to stop the reopening of the tracks.


The Greens want to protect takayna in a National Park that is owned and run by Aboriginal Tasmanians.

Only the Greens have a plan to protect takayna as a National Park and World Heritage Area.

  • Protect takayna in a National Park 
  • Hand the land back to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community 
  • Fund Aboriginal rangers to manage the property 
  • Apply for World Heritage listing for the area

Major Parties & Lambie Voting Down Motions

The Liberals, Labor and Jacqui Lambie have consistently voted down Greens motions in the Senate to defend the priceless Aboriginal cultural heritage in the takayna against the Tasmanian Government’s senseless vandalism. It is deeply disappointing. These are globally significant, sensitive areas that need to be protected from ongoing damage by the illegal and reckless drivers of off-road vehicles.