Infrastructure Investment

Having stronger infrastructure supports a better society. By increasing infrastructure investment we can provide better hospitals, schools, roads, rail, clean energy and a better environment.

A Core Business Of Government

Public infrastructure is a core business of government. Roads and rail, electricity and sewerage, hospitals and schools: services paid for by the public, for the public.

Through the ages, infrastructure has been funded by government borrowing and the cost spread over time. But neoliberals have waged a war on this model, being obsessed with surpluses and privatising assets.

Extensive inquiry into funding of public infrastructure

Pete chaired an extensive inquiry into the provision and funding of public infrastructure that heard from a range of experts across the spectrum.

The unanimous conclusion was that more government investment in government owned infrastructure is needed, particularly in the face of the climate emergency and the urgent need to transition to a clean energy economy.



Debt funding for public infrastructure is now widely accepted as a good thing and is a central plank of a Green New Deal.


Federal budgets now provide more detail on infrastructure spending and public debt.


Initiated a Senate inquiry into the infrastructure needs of Australia’s regional capitals. The inquiry held hearings in Geelong, Launceston, Geraldton and South Townsville.


A massive increase in public spending to fund the transition to a clean energy economy.

Taxation that better captures the private benefit of public expenditure, starting with a switch from stamp duty to land tax.

Infrastructure Supports A Better Society

By providing better infrastructure we support a more equitable society improving health, connectivity, reducing power bills and providing a cleaner environment.